Gorillaz Sound System dj set in Zagreb

17.10.2014 / Zagreb / Mocvara

Feel Good! Let's celebrate together the opening of first shop by brand House in Zagreb!

In connection with that event, on 17th of October in club Mocvara will perform a representative of band which brings to the word such miracles as "Clint Eastwood" or "Feel Good Inc", and which invites to their videos celebrities such as Bruce Willis.

What is more, we will have opportunity to hear local DJs from collective CFSN: Phillipe as warm-up before star, Funk Guru will take care for afterparty and DJ Itch will perform during the opening in store.

For sure we all know Gorillaz. It is the most popular virtual band, created in 1998. Since then they collected several awards (f.ex. MTV Music Awards for the best band, 2008). Released few albums and a dozen or so singles, that work together with astonishing videos and the rest of their image.

In Zagreb they will be represented by REMI KABAKA - modern phenomenon from London. His skills are as diverse as the artists he has worked with. Percussionist in Gorillaz, gives voice to the character known in the virtual world as Russell Hobbs, Banksy's helping hand, band member with the legendary Bobby Womack.

More information about that unique event and brand House can be found here:
Tickets for event with Gorillaz Sound
System dj set are free! Details how to collect them and what attractions
awaits you in House store and club will be given soon. Stay tuned ;)