TroyBoi x Mewa Towarzyska x Desperados

TroyBoi x Mewa Towarzyska x Desperados – After Party Challenge by Desperados


Trap producer from London is coming back to Poland. TroyBoi will perform on May 22nd at Mewa Towarzyska Club in Sopot. The event is organised as an award won by the Club in Desperados Party Challenge. With gaining votes of Desperados events participants, Mewa Towarzyska proved it's position on the clubbing landscape.

TroyBoi, the artist with an exceptional tone, is fusing various genres and weirdest sounds in highly alluring and musical tracks. This unique style, although music critics classifies it as a trap, by the artist himself is branded as "My Style", because, as he states: "I’m just naturally attracted to weird things, or things that are just different. [...] I like to be different, and I love to show that in my music." Among others, he collaborated with Flosstradamus and Diplo; beside his solo activity, he also co-create with Icekream the Producer/DJ duo SoundSnobz.



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