Quebonafide in Leszno

Quebonafide comes back to Leszno!

Egzotyka tour > 3.02.2018 @ MOK Hall

Entrance: 20:00 

Info for minors:

1. for those who are 16 or older - you will need filled document of statement from parent: http://www.illegalbreaks.com/do-pobrania

2. if under 16 - filled document of statement and parent or guardian of age will be needed. Parent/guardian need separate ticket. 

More info:

Event @ Facebook -> Quebonafide in Leszno



Tickets available from  6.01.2018 (11:00am) only @ www.ekobilet.pl/illegalbreaks

I part 40 PLN (sold out!)
II part 50 PLN 

Amount of tickets is limited.