DUB FX comes back to Poland!

15.11 - Warszawa, Progresja

16.11 - Poznan, Tama

17.11 - Wroclaw,


Quebonafide w Lesznie: "Egzotyka" - premiera ! 


Sala Widowiskowa MOK 
wejście od


Noisia in Poland!

Illegalbreaks Agency invites you to show with Dutch DnB masters!

Noisia DJ set...

Paul Kalkbrenner will perform in June in Warsaw as a part of his "Back to the Future" tour!


Black Sun Empire in March in Poland!

10.03.2017 I Królestwo I Katowice

start 22:00


11.03.2017 I Krakowska


Stööki Sound in Poznan!

10.2.2017 SQ club, start 22:00

support: PASZCZAK
after party: TBA

Stööki Sound

Quebonafide live

7.01.2017 - Gdansk / B90

start 21:00

Support: TBA

The Jillionaire / Major Lazer

20.08.2016 Warsaw
ISKRA Pole Mokotowskie
start: 10 pm


Dub Fx IS BACK for his 10th anual European Tour!

With the release of his latest album “thinking


Hospitality comes back to Warsaw!

One of the most important clubbing experiences in the world is


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